Do Not Judge Others

 Discipline of self is important. Discipline one's own mind and thoughts. Control your tongue. Try not to judge others freely. Be your own critic, for only you can change yourself.
  Do not be afraid of the challenges that lie in front of you. Challenges taken positively and in the right manner will further strengthen you. Challenges taken negatively and in the wrong manner will weaken you. The journey may be long but you do not walk alone. Praise the Lord.

 Judgements should not be passed spuriously. Adopt a consultation approach rather than a confrontation one in solving problems. (345-Y)

 Be open-minded. Be guided by wisdom and not emotions. Do not be too preoccupied in judging others until you are unable to see your own faults.
  When one is too opinionated, there lies the danger of not being able to see the whole picture. Thus the saying, "Looking at the sky with a flute and can only see a little of the whole truth."


 Truth is eternal. Truth is boundless. Truth applies to all. Truth is everywhere. Truth is constant unchanging. Seek and the Truth will be shown. Man has often ignored the Truth out of ignorance, stubbornness, self-interest or purely because the Truth is not acceptable to them.
  However, eventually and always Truth will prevail. Only the wise may comprehend the Truth. So continue to cultivate determinedly with patience and with humility and the Truth will be more apparent.

 Always be able to distinguish right from wrong. With wisdom one can differentiate Truth from Falsity.
  If one seeks those, which are impermanent, then one will find impermanence. If one seeks those, which are permanent or Truths, then one finds permanence or Truths. You reap what you sow.

 Whether real or unreal, your actions will determine the destiny of your soul. (351-U)

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