Look out for the good qualities in others. Look out for poor qualities in yourself. This way will help you reach harmonious relations with others so you can cultivate and improve yourself. Remember always to count your blessings. (362-Z2)

 There must be harmony in you before you may preach harmony to others. Once there is harmony in your heart then strive for harmony among fellow members. All are brothers and sisters. So all must sincerely work as one. Once this is done, all of you may show the way of harmonization to others.
  Practice what you preach. Be humble and do not let pride be a hindrance to cultivate harmony. All old and young must be treated with respect. Everyone may learn from the other


 War is and always to be waged as the last resort and only for self-defense as Leaders have great responsibilities over their citizens.
  Leaders have the great opportunities to gain merits but they also are subjected to great sins. The world may not be able to judge powerful men justly but eventually all will be brought to justice by the law of the Universe. It is important that man does not react harshly and emotionally. Vengeance lies not in the hands of man.
  Have faith in God for whatever religion you profess to believe in. All religions promote Peace and not destruction. The great battle is in yourself. It is a great sin to wage war and to take another’s life in the name of Religion and GOD.
  It is time for the people of different faiths to meet and communicate closely. This is increasingly necessary to show that all are brothers and not different in essence.

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