Ten Virtues and Eight Precepts

  The Ten Virtues and Eight Precepts are essential in your Meditation. They teach good moral conducts thus refraining one from improper doings.
 Only when there is good and just conduct, is the heart at peace. Only when there is such peace is there true calmness of mind and heart. Only when there is such calmness will mental alertness and awareness be at their peak.

  When all seem hopeless and impossible, do not give up. There are always solutions to any problem. Sometimes, the solution or the way may not be as expected but it may very well be for the best eventually.
 Life is not always predictable and there are always choices to be made. The right choice is often not easy but always do the right thing.
 What is right or wrong? Just look at the 10 virtues and 8 precepts. If you are still unable to grasp then pray sincerely for guidance.
 Also remember “Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you”.

 How does one practice the 10 virtues and 8 precepts? Firstly, one must know them and understand what they are. Secondly, one must put them into practice.
 To put them into proper practice one must have mastery over one’s six senses. Situation will arise where one or more senses are aroused. These situations allow the virtues or precepts to be adhered to. Whether it is or not depends on you.
 The six senses allow one to interact and help one to cultivate in this suffering world; they are primarily bestowed for one’s protection and for cultivation. If they are used primarily for the selfish self’s satisfaction, the six senses would then instead of protecting cause greater harm to one’s cultivation. Good or bad again depends on you.

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