Faith and Superstition

 Always be practical and rational. Logic and accountability must prevail otherwise it is superstition.
  Read and revise all divine revelations bestowed upon you all. Understand and comprehend the meaning of them. Analyze and digest them in depth. Do not treat them as mere reading materials. Learn them by heart and use them in ones daily routine.

 The Faithful sees miracles everywhere. The weak searches and hopes for miracles. (355-X)

Cause and Effect

 Evil begets evil, Good begets good. This is a Universal Truth. Nothing can prevent this conclusion. Never stray from one’s moral cultivation. (422-W)

 The law of cause and effect is a Universal Principle. This law does not differentiate nor have any preference. It applies to all people. It has neither emotions nor intentions. Punishments or rewards are mere repercussions. (420-Z8)

The Human Body

 The body is your temple. Treat it with respect. Keep it clean so that you can cultivate properly. (363-T)

 The human body is but a vessel for cultivation. Its use is only for a limited period. Keep it well and utilize it for its main purpose. Remember one is a spiritual being first and foremost. (389-N)

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