Be Humble

 Excel in your work but do not claim credit for it. Always adopt the low profile. There is always someone in front of you.
 Be humble to your fellow members. All success is not permanent. Only the merits are everlasting. Keep mending the fields and do not count the harvest.

 There are always able men behind an able man. No one is perfect. Just keep learning. Do not doubt and be positive in thought, in speech and action. (336-ZI)

 Be humble and soft-spoken even the reason is on your side. Think of the consequences when anger arises. (338-T)

 Pride makes fools of the so-called wise men. Pride often causes one to be blinded from the Truth. In fact, Truth is often distorted by the man with pride.
  Anger is also often caused by pride. Get rid of pride for it is bigger than the true self. Pride benefits you not as it is false and the person most fooled by it is yourself.
 Remember the saying “ He who is low fear no fall. He who is humble and down to earth fears no pride.”

 When one is right it does not mean the other is wrong. When one is wrong it does not mean the other is right. Each situation must be looked based on its own facts. However, it is best not to judge others if you do not have to. (364-Z1)

 He who is humble will progress. He who is proud will falter sooner or later. Pride if left unchecked will be an obstacle to learning as it creates and adds to the false self.
  In cultivating one’s true self, one must cast aside pride and replace it with love. One must learn to love all as brothers and sisters. Begin by sharing little by little and one will soon discover the joy of giving. The Kingdom of God is a Kingdom of love and giving.

 Like a solid rock unshaken by the wind. The wise is unperturbed by praise or blame. (418-R)

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